Are you a loan officer or someone who has a need for environmental inspectors – locally, regionally, or nationally?  Finding the best, pre-screened environmental consultants throughout the United States used to be hard.  Managing the bidding process for local or national due diligence projects with phone calls and emails used to be hard.

Now, it’s as easy as booking a stay on Airbnb, and it’s actually free to use!


My name is Alan Grosheider, and I’ve been in the environmental consulting business since 1993.  I’ve started several different companies, including one company called ESA1 that performed environmental due diligence services throughout all 50 states and several other countries.   I’ve also managed all of the environmental due diligence services for a $27 billion bank.  So, I have a lot of useful experience.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  And, I know where money and time is wasted in this industry.

After seeing companies like Airbnb make it super easy to find a great, inexpensive place to stay and Uber make it super easy to get a ride, I decided to make it super easy for the due diligence industry.

Based on my experience, here’s what I know:

  1. Usually, the best environmental due diligence consultants are local, one-person or very small firms, and they enjoy doing due diligence work.  They have low overhead, they’re fairly inexpensive, and they’re very good.
  2. Most banks or developers prefer to receive 3 or so bids before they engage a consultant to make sure they get the best price.  The process involves a lot of emails and phone calls.  It’s time consuming and boring.
  3. When you need consultants outside of your normal area, it’s difficult to find them quickly and difficult to know if they’re any good.

So, here’s what we’ve done.  We spent nearly 4 years building a system that’s extremely easy to use.  If you’ve ever used Airbnb or Uber or Amazon, you can use Blue222.

We’ve spent much of our time screening, reviewing sample reports, contacting references, and making sure that every single consultant on our system is fantastic.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to https://blue222.com/ and sign up as a Firm.
  2. If you want to manage your existing consultants on the system, email them our site link (https://blue222.com/) and ask them to sign up as a Sub.
  3. Log on to your account, and click Post New Project.
  4. Review and select the contractors you wish to send a request for proposal.  They’ll receive an email invitation to bid on the project.
  5. Sit back, watch the bids roll in, and accept the contractor of your choice.
  6. Then, you can manage and document all of your projects from one dashboard with a message center and document storage.

When you select a contractor, we charge them a 4% or less fee.  You don’t pay a dime for our services, and the contractor bills you separately.

It’s very simple and easy. It’s free.  And, it will save you lots of time.




If you need more info, CLICK HERE for a 1.5 minute video, or

CLICK HERE to schedule a live video demonstration of how the system works for you or your whole team.